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Bulk Materials

Bulk Materials

Anyplace you have bulk material handling issues, we can offer a solution with our QuickSilver and Durapro lining materials.

We don’t just do traditional square bottom trailers either. We can line just about any bulk material trailer you can pull down the highway behind a tractor: dump bodies, end dump trailers, square bottoms, round bottoms, hybrids, belly dumps, hopper dumps, live bottom trailers, roll-offs, tippers, etc. See all of our special linings projects on Facebook and like our page!

With two times the wear of steel and four times the wear of aluminum at more than half the weight, the question to ask is why haven’t you looked into QuickSilver and Durapro liners?

Call us with your lining project and let’s talk it through. We love solving bulk material flow issues. Our goal is to make your equipment last longer and set it up to make more money for you along the way.

Don’t forget about off-road applications as well. Is carryback killing your off-road operation? Don’t let your profits stick in the bed of your truck. QuickSilver will make your off-road articulated or rigid-framed dump trucks standout over your competitor’s unlined fleet.