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Truck Liners

You have found it! Your search for the best truck liner your money can buy is over.

QuickSilver asphalt liners and Durapro heavy duty liners have been protecting the beds of trucks since the early 80’s. We are the original UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) asphalt liner. We are often Imitated but Never Duplicated.

The additives that go into QuickSilver & Durapro have been painstakingly tested to ensure the final product will perform at an optimum level. It has always been our goal with QuickSilver and Durapro to give the customer the best-in-class product at a competitive price. We know we won’t always be the lowest cost option. We do know that QuickSilver and Durapro will protect your equipment and your top line.

So many liner companies will tell you, “A liner is a liner.” We know this is not the case. Let us tell you more about our great products and unmatched service. Click the quote link now or give us a call @ (330) 296-7703. You can also check us out on Facebook!