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Durapro Heavy-Duty

Durapro Heavy-Duty

DuraproDurapro liners are bottom-line friendly. Not only is the upfront cost economical, but the payback is quick because:

  • When it comes to hauling: Coal, Coke, Compost, Sand & Gravel, Limestone, Salt, Dirt, Rock/Stone, Grain, Feed, Fertilize, Chicken Litter, Manure and many other items, you can count on Durapro to move the load.
  • Durapro has added release agents - 2% silicone throughout!
  • Added release agents means super slick surface for improved release and longer wear! 
  • Aggregate carry-back is significantly reduced or eliminated – increasing the number of loads hauled each day.
  • The original dump bed is protected – reducing floor replacement and general maintenance.
  • Durapro is formulated with a UV-protection and an anti-oxidation package to protect its integrity throughout the life of the liner. 

NOW OFFERING one piece liners up to 16 FT. WIDE!!! - Protect the entire inside from wear and sticking with a wider liner! Available in all thicknesses. 

The Heavy-Duty solution:

  • Durapro is an Industrial-Strength, reprocessed, UHMW-PE liner. It is a continuous length, fusion welded liner, engineered to handle your tough field requirements.
  • Now with the same release agents as Quicksilver for superior release, but at the same Durapro value.
  • made with no wide-spec or off-spec resin.
  • 1/2” Durapro comes with a 5 year non-prorated warranty -(see warranty for details).

How can you get a liner installed:

  1. Installed at your convenience by a dealer near you.
  2. A Pre-Scored Kit with all hardware needed that you can install yourself. Click here for an Quote/Order form!

For more information check out our QuickSilver-Durapro-Brochure!

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