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ON-Road Medium Duty Dump-Body Liners “HMW” Our Economy Liner Is Light, Tough & Dependable

Why Should you Install an HMW Liner:


  • Our HMW liner is perfect for your light duty needs.
  • Our form-fitting (1) piece liner fits into your truck & works year round.


  • In any kind of weather it can handle sticky non-abrasive, materials. It is great for agricultural hauling too.


  • You can depend on our HMW liner, because it is represented by the finest service organizations in the industry.
  • Plastic-Liners release loads quickly & completely.
  • Slick-Surfaces eliminate carry-back, increasing productivity.
  • New Life from worn equipment.
  • Impact & corrosion resistance protects the integrity of the original equipment.
  • Bulk materials such as: Overburden, Clay, Minerals, Ores, & Dirt release quickly even in cold temperatures.
  • Available in Black and Natural White in various sizes.

How can you get a liner installed?

Liners are available in ( 2 ) forms.

  1. Installed at your convenience by a dealer near you.
  2. A Pre-Scored Kit with all hardware needed that you can install yourself. Click here for an Quote/Order form!