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QuickSilver Over-The-Road

QuickSilver Over-The-Road

With QuickSilver liners, drivers stay put and loads do the moving.

Why do I need QuickSilver?
You need QuickSilver to grow your top line. Since QuickSilver is engineered to be super slick you can haul more loads per day, year round, with less chance of a turnover and less wear and tear on your truck’s brakes and hydraulics system. QuickSilver is engineered to be highly abrasion resistant so it outwears steel and aluminum, protecting your investment and making it last longer all while giving you the benefit of less weight. More loads per day with fewer problems mean more money in your pocket.

Why choose QuickSilver?
QuickSilver is manufactured by Quadrant, the world’s largest producer of UHMW-PE. As a leader in engineered plastics, Quadrant focuses on innovation and strives to provide lining systems with the newest additive technologies, highest quality and unmatched performance. Along with our network of carefully selected Quicksilver Specialty Distributors, Quadrant has pioneered many fabrication techniques currently used in the truck lining industry. With the industries best material and the industries best installation, you can be sure that when you buy a QuickSilver lining system you are buying the best!

What type of plastic is QuickSilver?
QuickSilver is made from a unique, industrial strength plastic called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE). The QuickSilver formula was specifically designed for its superior release properties and wear resistance. 

Why your over-the-road truck should have a QuickSilver liner:

  1. QuickSilver releases loads quickly & with ease.
  2. UHMW-PE Made with 100% Virgin resin.
  3. Industry Best Release with 6% silicone! Better release turns into better wear. 
  4. Super slick surface eliminates carry-back, increasing productivity.
  5. Longest lasting liner on the market!
  6. New Life from worn equipment or protect new asset.
  7. UV, Impact, & corrosion resistance protects the integrity of the original equipment.
  8. Warrantied for Any Temperature Asphalt!
  9. No other release agents are needed when you have a QuickSilver liner.
  10. Lifetime Warranty (down to 1/8” thickness, see warranty for details).

NOW OFFERING one piece liners up to 16 FT. WIDE!!! - Protect the entire inside from wear and sticking with a wider liner! Available in all thicknesses. 

Bulk materials such as:

  • Any Temperature Asphalt, aggregates, stone, sand, gravel, overburden, clay, coal, minerals, ores, & dirt release quickly even at freezing temperatures.

How can you get a QuickSilver liner installed:

  1. Installed at your convenience by a Dealer near you.
  2. A Pre-Scored Kit with all hardware needed that you can install yourself. Click here for an Quote/Order form!

For more information check out our QuickSilver-Durapro-Brochure

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